Reverend Peter J. Sullivan, 1856 -1872
Bishop Loras appointed Reverend Peter J. Sullivan to St. Michael’s in 1856. He served as an assistant to Father Michels in Iowa City for the next two years, where he was to help raise money for a sister’s convent there. He returned to St. Michael’s before the work was completed. Father Sullivan directed the building of a large brick church at Holbrook in 1867. Father Sullivan also donated fifteen oil paintings representing the Stations of the Cross. It was said that no church outside Dubuque had finer paintings.

Reverend M.S. Dunn, 1872-1882
Bishop John Hennessey of Dubuque appointed Father Dunn.

Reverend P.A. McManus, 1882-1885
During the tenure of Father McManus the first appointed Bishop of Davenport, Bishop John McMullen, visited Holbrook. When he visited the Holbrrok rectory, which was a brick structure having five chimneys, one in each room, he named it the “Holbrook rookery”.

Reverend James David, 1885-1889
The railroad opened through Parnell in 1884. Beginning in 1888 Father Davis traveled to Parnell on certain Sundays and read Mass in the old Hatter Hall. The Parnell school began in 1888 with some Sisters as teachers. IN the fall of 1889 a church was erected in Parnell. The parish was established with Father Davis in charge.

Reverend Thomas J. King, 1889-1909
In 1907, under Father King’s guidance, a new tower dome was constructed. The bell, which is still in use today, was cast in St. Louis in 1882. Inscribed on the bell are the words, “Father T.J. King, St. Michael’s, Holbrook”.

Reverend Edward F. Gaule, 1909-1917
Father Gaule added a new sanctuary, new altars and a new belfry to the church. The new belfry was third one constructed on this site.

Reverend John J. Moriarity, 1917-1922
Oak floors were put in the rectory and a sleeping porch was added to the same building during Father Moriarity’s term.

Reverend James M. Ryan, 1922-1927
Stucco was added to the church during Father James Ryan’s pastorate.

Reverend Dennis J. Ryan, 1927- 1935

Reverend Leonard M. Boyle, 1935-1937
After leaving St. Michael’s Father Boyle went on to become the managing editor of the Catholic Messenger.

Reverend John Manning, 1937-1950

Reverend John J. Morrissey, 1950-1956

Reverend J. Prior

Reverend Raymond Vogel

Reverend Marvin Sieger

Reverend Robert Couch

Reverend L.M. Colannese

Reverend D.L. Waldschimdt