The directory is organized in alphabetical order, with a letter and a number after each entry. The letter and the number give a general area of where that person’s stone is. The system is different on the different sides of the church. The East side (the “right” of the church when facing the entrance) is the older side, and the graves are in no real pattern. For that side, the letters go from A-H and the numbers go from 1-4. Graves on this side are shown by one of these letters, followed by a number. As can be seen on the diagram, area ‘A’, is the area between the ‘A’ sign and the ‘B’ sign. Area ‘B’ is all the area between the ‘B’ sign and the ‘C’ sign. The same is true for the numbers. The area behind the church all use the number “0,” but use the letters from the east side. The west side is organized into rows: 1-6, 6a, and 7-9. The graves on this side are indicated by the letter “R” (row) and then a number, or in the case of 6a, a number and a letter, after the R.

Walsh, Mary A. 1864- 1928. ÐH2 Mary A Walsh is buried in the eastern section (not R). To find her, walk along the row of letters until you reach ‘H’ then walk along the row of numbers until you reach ‘4’. Mary should be within that area. Walsh, Patrick J 1905-1919. ÐR3 Patrick J Walsh is buried on the west side (R) and is buried in Row 3. Just find the sign that says ‘3’ and walk along that straight row to find Patrick Walsh. Coffey, Alice. 1895- 1964. ÐE0 Alice Coffey is buried behind the church (number 0). Walk to the “E” sign, then search in the area behind the church.

IMPORTANT: If a grave has no letter/number combination after it, or says “unknown” then the grave was not found, either due to unreadable stones, broken stones, or that the grave is not in the cemetery. However, it is possible that it is somewhere here.

This directory was the Eagle Scout project of Solon Christensen-Szalanski. It was done in memory of Paul Hannon, the former caretaker of Holbrook Cemetery.